Online Bingo Tips and Strategies

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Online Bingo Tips, Strategies and Places to Play

Not many games in the casino offer players a chance to employ strategy to their advantage. The rare exceptions are blackjack, video poker, craps, and baccarat. If one learns all the ins and outs of any of these games, they can greatly increase their odds of making money in the casino. Counting cards works for blackjack and baccarat; perfect strategy works for video poker; and advanced betting strategies improve one’s chances at craps. Luckily, bingo players can also improve their chances of winning big using some simple techniques. Even better, it’s to learn how to play bingo.

Play Multiple Cards

If you’re allowed to play more than one card, buy as many as possible relative to the amount of money you could win. Buying multiple cards for a $10 game might be a waste of money. Instead, save your cash for big money games when it’s possible to win more than $1,000. Also be aware that buying multiple cards requires that you pay close attention to each number being called out. You’ll have to quickly check and mark your cards that have the number being announced by the game director.

That aside, bingo is a numbers game. If you’re playing with more than one card, you stand a better chance of winning.

Budget Your Bankroll Carefully

Whether playing online or offline, make sure you only buy-in when the prize money is worth winning. Generally speaking, bingo games for less than $500 shouldn’t cost more than $5-$10 to play. Therefore, spend your money wisely and go in at the lowest amount possible. The time to spend more money comes when prize money is equal to or greater than $1,000. Save your dollars for these big money games when the payoff justifies the expense.

Understand the Chances of Winning Special Bingo Games

The “classic” bingo game is won when someone gets 5 numbers in a row or diagonal (including the “free” space if applicable). Winners of these games usually don’t get large prizes, simply because 5 number games are usually won by multiple players. This is explained by the actual odds of winning a bingo game. When multiple players win, that means the bingo hall has to pay out more money. Much like casinos, bingo halls don’t stay in business constantly paying winners. Instead, they try to minimize payouts while maximizing profits including the most players in each game as possible.

Games with substantial cash awards usually require that the player “blackout” or (cover every number on their card) in order to win. This is dramatically more difficult than trying to get five numbers in a row. Other variants include making an “X” on your card (2 diagonal five numbers in a row with the free space in the middle); making a “U”, or square by covering all the outside numbers. You can find a featured list of bingo games by Mecca, the world’s leading online bingo site. These types of bingo games are best played with multiple cards if they can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

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